Tech Session- April 26, 2003, Held at CCC Restorations, with Rick Ostman providing technical information and "support' for our "hands-on" session.
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Rick's recommended
MG Tool/Emergency
Kit below

MG Tool / Emergency Kit
1 Quart of Oil
Oil Pour Spout
1 Small Can of Brake Fluid
Small Funnel
1 can Fix-A-Flat (for tubeless tires only)
Small container - waterless hand cleaner
Assorted Fuses
Fan Belt
Throttle cable
Small Roll of Duct Tape (of course!!)

Medium Bladed Screwdriver
#2 Phillips Screwdriver
Pliers or Vice-Grips
Wire cutters
7/16" Combination Wrench
1/2" Combination Wrench
9/16" Combination Wrench
5/8" Combination Wrench
7/16-1/2" Double Box Wrench
9/16-5/8 " Double Box Wrench

Ground Cloth
Work Gloves
Shop Rags
Work Shirt

Vehicle jack
Vehicle Lug Wrench or Knock-Off Hammer (or Octagon Wrench)
Short 2"X 4" wood block
12" X 12" Sheet of Plywood